House & Garden

by The Rafters

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released April 12, 2008

All songs written by Brian Middleton, copyright 1988-1991.

The Rafters were:

Brian Middleton: lead vocals, guitars
Brice Buchanan: lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Gary Barbati: drums, percussion, vocals
Ken Pelletier: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals

Track 10 recorded at Syncro Sound, Boston, December 1988.
Tracks 3 and 7 recorded at Heart Punch Studios, Brookline, MA, late summer 1989.
Tracks 1, 2, 5 and 9 recorded at our Boston rehearsal space in summer 1990, mixed at Night Kitchen, Dorchester, MA, early 1991.
Tracks 4, 6 and 8 recorded and mixed at Night Kitchen, late 1991.

At least that's how I remember it. --Brian



all rights reserved


The Rafters Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Marianne
Old men they rule this world
Old men with hearts of sand
One heart they won't break down
and the name of the heart is Marianne

She makes this world of fear disappear
whenever she takes my hand
One heart that won't wear out
and the name of the heart is Marianne

Marianne is far away
running downhill she's caught in the rain
Someday I'll catch up to her
calling out her name

Although I've lost my way now
I know that she'll understand
One heart sees through all lies
the name of the heart is Marianne


Old men they rule this world
Hold hearts at their command
One heart they'll never find
the name of the heart is Marianne
the name of the heart is Marianne
the name of the heart is Marianne
Track Name: In My House
Arrow to the heart of June
Laughing at the monkey man
These are the pictures
this is the ghost of a plan

Meet you in the movie now
Meet you with your dancer's eyes
You are the true love
There is no world otherwise

I'm so glad you're in my house
I'm so glad you're in my house

Reason only goes so far
Doesn't do the trick I know
Stranded at sundown
Staring at nowhere to go

But TV always twists it around
We will own the rock of peace
With no hidden message
No demon wings to release

I'm so glad you're in my house
I'm so glad you're in my house, my house, my house

As I travel from room to room
Following hard upon your trail
There's a choir that sings your face
They say "drop that suitcase
look up Galahad
here is your Grail"

I'm so glad you're in my house
I'm so glad you're in my house
Track Name: Walk My Anger Down
Every time I think of what you said
I see burning red
How could you dismiss me that way
You must know that you have crossed that line
one too many times
and you've gone too far
to pretend it's all in play
Next time you start into throwing
sharpened words around

I'm gonna walk outside (walk my anger down)
Swallow my pride (walk my anger down)
Can't discuss it now (you know I can't talk now)
But I'll come back ready to love you
Come back ready to love you

Every time I close my eyes I see
tears in front of me
and I get that shaky feeling once again
There's no understanding in this house
only fear and doubt
and it's coming down to a question of when
I'm tired of being patronized and treated like a clown

Track Name: Lover's Touch
Blood on the Formica looks so absurd
She should be more careful and watch her words
Now the panorama she used to see
has shrunken to a small screen
Buy a vowel or take a spin
and hope tonight he won't be mean

For better or worse now she understands
Things seem better
then he raises his hand again
And if anything's worse than his darkest nights
she doesn't need to know
Buy a novel
take to bed
and cling to the shadows of long ago

True love gone to waste
See the lines captivity can leave on a face
Well the blows themselves don't hurt so much
It's the time between
in terror of a lover's touch
Lover's touch

Mr. Moonlight
can't you do something for her?
She put her trust in you
gave herself up to you
and now she's caught on the wrong side
of the night
Track Name: The Word that Hurt You
The word that hurt you
was a word of mine
I didn't mean to say it
though I meant it at the time

Now I'm alarmed at what I've done to you
I feel like such a brutal man

The word that hurt you
came from deep inside
I didn't want to say it
but I gave in to my pride
And now I watch you hold yourself in tight
You look so awfully black and blue

Wake up won't you make up
Can you forget what I said last night and kiss me
Won't you miss me
If you decide this was our last fight

I'd better be more careful from now on
Another word like that and she'll be gone
I'd better learn to keep my tongue in place
I never want to see that look on her face

The word that hurt you I can't defend
It wasn't right to say it to a true and faithful friend
And now I see the lines in your face change
You look like you have things in mind


Now that you've climbed into your eyrie
Safely encircled, bitter as coffee
If I have no key to unlock your injury
Darling forgive me
Track Name: Any Fool
Any fool could see what's wrong with me
Any fool could unravel such a simple riddle
Cause my feelings show although I try
to keep my outside cool
any fool could see
except for me

Any fool could just make up his mind
Any fool could run rings around these little details
But I'm always stuck where I began
A boy held back at school
Any fool could see
but no not me

All the tears that I contained
escape from me tonight
I don't know what drives this rain
but any fool could probably set me right
Track Name: Imaginary Garden
Here comes trouble and I can't wait
I got lost--why did I hesitate?
Now I know I foundered on the rock of doubt
And in my imaginary garden
the rosebuds are peeking out

Here comes trouble and just in time
I got lost--I tried to walk a crooked line
Now I've got to reinvent the face I wear
And in my imaginary garden
the tulips are almost there

Here comes trouble and fine by me
I got lost pursuing trivial misery
Now I know it's useless to defy desire
And in my imaginary garden
the flowers are on fire
Track Name: Goodbye for Now
I've been looking around for a truth to tell
Every "if" in my head has a different sell
And I know you must be nearly out of smiles
for the circling mind of a mixed-up child

Someday when the truth is found
Our love might be unbound
But I've got to say I don't see how
And it looks like goodbye for now

Well I wish I could turn time upon its head
and go back to a day when love wasn't dead
Cause I know when your heart beats it really swings
If I only knew how I would heal these things

Someday at the meeting place
We'll learn why we fell from grace
and we'll mend this broken vow
But it looks like goodbye for now

Who made up these crazy rules?
Why are we so easily fooled?
I could stay and pretend there was love to defend
but it's only gonna mean another day in school

Every answer comes out wrong
I don't want to string you along
It's a dark thing to do
giving up on you
and I'd rather be persuaded that our love's still strong

But I've been walking for hours in a freezing rain
And I know I can't face seeing you again
When I talk about love do I always lie
When I look in your eyes can I even cry

Someday when the truth is found
Our love might be unbound
But I've got to say I don't see how
And it looks like goodbye
looks like goodbye
looks like goodbye for now
Track Name: House of Dreams
You and I will build a house
Build it from the inside out
Build it by the water's edge
Rest it on the riverbed

It will rise before our eyes
Stand until the day we die
House of dreams

We will build our house of stone
Leave the living trees alone
Every inch of stone we'll cover
with leaves of ivy linked like lovers

Friends will come and stand amazed
staring at the house we've raised
House of dreams

Into every room the sun will find a way
We will live there
growing like each other every day
like stone and ivy

If you'll build this house with me
we will climb the willow tree
There you'll kiss away my doubts
Kiss my heart into my mouth

Looking down we'll see the ground
where our house will sound be found
It will rise
It will rise
It will rise
House of dreams
Track Name: Allston Carol
I can see the pretty young people
in a Christmas town
making snowmen singing a carol
bells come ringing down
There is peace in every house
forgiveness in the air
By the fire they're opening presents
smiling everywhere

I wake up in my apartment
to a steel grey sky
There's no snow nobody is singing
broken babies cry
I look down where people are walking
faces so afraid
Someday soon they're going to crash
into the world they've made

When you reach the turning point
the parting of the ways
When you reach that place
will you remember Christmas day?

Every day so full of temptation
every dream refused
I get tired of seeing our nightmares
turn into the news
So I wonder can it be Christmas
can one truth survive
could it start to open the hearts
of men who package lies

When it's time to take the bait
and talk like black is grey
When you reach that gate
will you remember Christmas day?

Maybe we can make
for some untainted place
make believe we're Adam and Eve
and wear our human face